Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas.

Over the years Burton Group Limited team has the advantage of having vast experience in the local and international petroleum systems of the upstream oil & gas industry, exploration, development and production. Being exposed to work with different geological setting of carbonate and clastic reservoirs in conventional and unconventional reservoirs, provided the company in depth knowledge regarding the best practice to explore and develop oil & gas fields using leading edge technology. Burton Group Limited team’s experience of the Arabian Gulf Region giant fields provided the “know-how” that can be applied to other potential regions and countries for future exploration and development opportunities. Burton Group Limited is capable of undertaking a leading role in a new developments and increments, laying foundations of optimal developments through timely implemented advanced characterization based on state of the art seismic processing, inversions, reservoir engineering, reservoir geology and petrophysics.

Our ability to deliver high returns rests on our entrepreneurial spirit, the skills and capabilities of our management team and its ability to efficiently decide on investment opportunities on a timely manner. Without limiting ourselves geographically to the Middle East and North Africa regions with the focus in countries i.e., Egypt, Oman, Yemen, Algeria, Syria and Tunisia. Burton Group Limited has the plans to be an international player. The strength of our team lies in the technical expertise by our geosciences and engineering professionals who are specialized in onshore and offshore operations, secondary and tertiary recovery. Also in the financial and Commercial aspects of the oil and gas industry with first-hand experience in mergers and acquisitions, and an ability to conduct screening, evaluation, selection and closure within the time frame expected by the industry. Burton Group Limited brings a new decisiveness and agility to the table.

Striving to build a network of highly qualified professionals, oil and gas companies, financial institutions and consultancies. Burton Group Limited will profit from exploiting economically and technically sound oil and gas opportunities, through the utilization of our unique competitive advantages. Burton Group Limited focuses on the acquisition and enhancement of mature producing opportunities with immediate cash flow and a potential for reducing costs. In addition, with upside opportunities provided by exploration potential in the surrounding acreage. Our acquisitions are of small and intermediate sizes of oil & gas fields, which are profitable and held jointly with our strategic partners. The Company’s participation interests range as high as 100% depending on the asset type and the stage of the opportunities.